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Handgun Carry Permit Scenario #5 Car Theft

Handgun Carry Permit Scenario #5


Handgun Scenario #5

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This video is a clip from the old TN handgun permit video, it is being used under the fair use doctrine.

This video will show a handgun scenario that a legally armed citizen could face.

Please watch it and then think about what you would do in this situation.

An armed citizen generally has an extremely compressed window in a use of force situation. If you have not spent some time seriously considering what would cause you to use force and the implications (Physical, Legal, Moral, Psychological, and Sociological) then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Consider your gut reaction and what you immediately think you should do. Then think about the implications of those actions and see if it changes your mind on what you should do.

Answer these two questions:

  • Would I have taken same action as the armed citizen in the video?
  • If I had, would it have been legal?

I think this kind of what would you do training is invaluable to preparing a person to carry a gun for self defense.  If you never work on handgun scenario training you will have to work through the situation when it occurs – this will waste precious seconds and may cause you to do the wrong thing.  Please look at the post on OODA loop for more information.

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