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Self Defense: a Workable Home Defense Plan

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This Home defense plan video starts as a scenario.  We are in bed and my wife hears a noise.  Being a traditional family she hears a noise, I have to figure it out.

She wakes me up and I get my gun.  The rest of the scenario shows how we deal with intruders at our house.

Traditionally the man would get a golf club and go looking for the bad guy.  In my post “Don’t clear alone” I discuss why I don’t think this is a good idea.

Rather than look for trouble we shelter in place.

I set up a protected spot where I can cover the entry way to the bedrooms while my wife grabs a second gun and protects the kids and contacts the police.

In this case, I would be justified to seek out the intruders, and based upon the laws of my state if I found him and feared that he was a lethal threat I could shoot him.  However, I find it safer to let him come to me.

If an intruders came down the hall after being warned and seeing the 12 gauge shotgun aimed at him, no one would question the need to fire.

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