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How to Stop Home Improvement Fraud

Home Improvement Fraud

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Home repairs and improvements can be costly. Watch out for home improvement fraud if:

  • Somebody offers to do an expensive job for an unusually low price
  • A company offers to make a “free” inspection
  • If the person wanting to do the repairs “just happened to be in the neighborhood”.

The most popular home improvement frauds are roof repair and painting, driveway sealing, and termite inspection.

If you want some common sense tips to keep from being a victim of home improvement fraud, keep reading:

To avoid home improvement and repair fraud, try the following:

  • First, always get several estimates for every repair job, and compare prices and terms. Check to see if there is a charge for estimates.
  • Then, ask your friends for recommendations. Alternatively, ask the firm for reference –and CHECK THEM!
  • Next, check the identification of all “inspectors.”
  • Call the loan Consumer Affairs office or the Better Business Bureau to check the company’s reputation before you authorize any work.
  • Be suspicious of high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Pay by check -never with cash. Arrange to make the payments in installments.
  • If you have problems with you refrigerator, you can save money by getting a refrigerant link detector rather than buy a new one.

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