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Home Workshop Guns Vol V the AR-15

Book Review: Home Workshop Guns Vol V the AR-15

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Like the earlier Home Workshop Guns for Defense & Resistance, Vol. 2 – the Handgun, the latest volume in this popular and timely series offers detailed instructions, complete with photos and machinist’s drawings, for making a pistol-caliber AR-15/M16 entirely from raw materials, as either a rifle or pistol, open or closed bolt and in semi or full auto.

I have put together several AR-15’s from stripped lowers and parts kits, and find that it is much cheaper to do it yourself, I also find that by putting your own rifle together from scratch you understand it.

This book tells how to build your own AR-15 lower from square pipe.  This lower can either be used with a commercial upper receiver, or you can go deeper into the Home Workshop Guns manual to build your own AR upper also.

These types of books are rapidly becoming non-politically correct, which is all the more reason for owning them.  I do not advocate breaking federal law by constructing homemade machine guns, but I do advocate knowing how.  During the Britich Bombings during WWI the country was unable to supply enough weapons to gear up for war, but bicycle shops and home workshops started mass producing sten guns.  The security of a free state depends on the populace being able to construct these machines in the event of invasion.

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