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Homeland Insecurity

Book Review: Homeland Insecurity

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Every day, busy Americans scurry about attending to the needs of daily life. With pressures of family and work, most don’t have the time it takes to think about let alone fully understand the vast government bureaucracy that they trust to take care of everything else that affects them. This bureaucracy remains cloaked behind a veil of secrecy designed to keep inquisitors on the outside at arm’s length.

Those “in the know” that operate behind the veil aren’t saying anything beyond the problem that is periodically fed to media sources to either document the latest agency achievement or to manage full-on damage control.

Within the pages of HOMELAND INSECURITY, we will examine: What is the truth behind federal agency reputations and relationships? From the government’s own findings, which agencies contributed to the failure to stop the attacks of 9/11? Has anything changed? How is the US responding to border threats? How is the government protecting its agents? What are the realities of illegal immigration? Why are US graduates failing to compete with foreign skilled workers? What role did DHS play in ATF’s failed “Operation Fast and Furious”? Where are the whistleblowers and why aren’t more coming forward?

Born and raised in International Falls, Minnesota, a US/Canada border town, Brett Braaten has had lifelong experiences with all phases of life along the border. That by itself gives him a unique perspective in discussing the evolving demands of homeland security on American citizens and their government. Following a successful twenty-nine-year career in federal law enforcement, Brett relates his observations, experiences, and opinions to the reader so that they might determine for themselves if the taxes they have paid and the sacrifices that they have made have been worth it.

I had Brett on my Shepherd School Show on the Preparedness Radio network so I could talk with him about his insights, and how his viewpoint can help “preppers” and all those of an independent mindset learn more about how the system actually works.

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