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Homemade 48 Hour Crisco Candle

Homemade 48 Hour Crisco Candle

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This Crisco Candle is a very simple trick to get a long lasting emergency light for very low cost.

Simply take a tub of shortening, insert a natural fiber wick (I use cotton string) and light.

As the shortening melts it is wicked up and burned. I have heard a tub of shortening can last as a candle up to 48 hours. Personally I have not timed it, but it I do think it can last a while.

From doing this in my kitchen, I can attest that this crisco candle can put out a lot of light – and it is somewhat adjustable to the light it produces.

If you need more light (or heat) you can add additional wicks – but obviously this will decrease the longevity of the candle.
As with any candle you must use common sense and never leave it burning unattended or in a closed environment.

This Crisco candle is making the rounds on the preparedness sites, and  I wanted to try it out for myself.  I will day that it put out a lot of light, but frankly in most prepper situations, I think the edible fats are more valuable as food than as light – but I understand that others may feel differently.

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