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How to Make a Homemade Cable Snare


Building a Homemade Cable Snare

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My friend William Smith, who used to trap in Alaska and now builds very inexpensive, but quality snares.  He agreed to show me how he builds homemade cable snares.

The Parts are Pretty simple

  • 3/32 aircraft cable
  • Sure-lock snare lock
  • Double ferrule
  • Single ferrule.

To Build a Homemade Cable Snare:

  • First, you run the cable through the sure-lock device, make a loop, and then run it back through
  • Next, lock it in place with a single ferrule on the loop end.
  • Then, run the long end of the cable through the double ferrule, loop it around, and put the free end back into the ferrule to make a loop for a swivel or to attach to the tree.

As you can see it is pretty easy to make a homemade cable snare.  When Smitty gets his shed wired so we don’t have to yell over the generator I want to show how to make a snare lock using a penny.

I plan on buying some of his snares, but before I do that, I have to get him to show me how to wax and dye them so I can actually catch some meat with them.

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