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Homemade Mistletoe


Homemade Mistletoe
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A post on homemade mistletoe a week after Christmas is a little late, but its off about as much as my attempt at humor.

My wife does not think I am funny – which is unfortunate as I am hilarious.

I decided to surprise my wife by making homemade mistletoe – homemade because I am too cheap to buy some for $24.00.

(aw crap – she’s going to read this and thing I am saying her kisses are not worth $24.00 – I am NOT saying that.  What I meant to say is that Love is a beautiful thing not to be sullied by commercialization.  Kisses from my wife are worth infinitely more that $24.00 and only a heartfelt handmade item is worthy of such a gift)….

She’s probably clicked off here mad at me – so I can tell you what really happened.


So what had happened was: the kid wanted me to help him draw a rocket and I had a bit of inspiration.  I drew up a bad pun and left it out where she could see.

I know enough not to try to videotape her in the morning, but she doesn’t believe I don’t have cameras hidden to catch her on camera with my homemade mistletoe so even though my motives were pure   ish, I still got in trouble.


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