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How to Make Frozen Yogurt Pops


Kitchen DIY: Frozen Yogurt Pops

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This frozen yogurt pops tip is embarrassingly simple, to make simple frozen treats simply stick a popsicle stick into the top center of a individual container of yogurt.  Freeze the yogurt and remove the the container to have a fun snack.

This is easy to do and is a great thing to do with kids.  I know my boy loves freezing things to “experiment” and this way he can freeze something that belongs in the fridge – you know instead of rocks and containers of mud…

I like it because it is creative and shows my boy how he can modify his environment in creative ways to enhance his life.  It also teaches patience as he waits by the freezer trying to check his yogurt pops every 45 seconds.

My son loves experimenting and by giving him things to freeze it keeps him out of the bathroom where he would mix all the soaps and shampoos to make “potions”  So this frozen popsicle treat is a triple winner.  It keeps the boy out of trouble, teaches him stuff, and is relatively healthy.

I imagine you can do it with your own yogurt if you wanted to.

Try it with your kid, or just to give yourself a treat.


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