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Home » Tasers for Self Defense: Explanation and Demonstration. (Works Better Than Hot Sauce)

Tasers for Self Defense: Explanation and Demonstration. (Works Better Than Hot Sauce)

Tasers for Self Defense: Explanation and Demonstration. (Works Better Than Hot Sauce)

Taser Pulse
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Handguns for Self Defense
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TASERs for self-defense are great because they are able to incapacitate attackers because they interfere with the signals that cause voluntary muscles to move. That process is called neuromuscular incapacitation.  Unlike stun guns, TASERS, not only hurt, they prevent muscles from working  Today we answer just how effective is a taser, I do that by showing myself being tased.

While I am against anyone using a stun gun for self-defense, I am a firm believer in the use of Tasers as effective self-defense tools.  Most people I meet don’t know there is a  difference.  Many of the rest think the difference between tasers and stun guns is effective distance.

How Tasers Work

Unlike stun guns, tasers do not rely on pain compliance; instead it uses electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing “neuromuscular incapacitation”.

Basically the Taser mimics the electrical signals the brain uses to communicate with the voluntary muscles. Imagine how hard it would be to write down words whispered in your ear while a drill instructor yelled into your other ear….

How I felt Being Tased

In preparing to be tased, I looked into methods of resisting the pulse.  I used the research to make a plan.  My plan was to pull the barbs out during the 5 second “ride”.  When the current started I could think, but it took me one second to remember what I wanted to do.  It took me a couple more seconds to tell my arms to start moving.  I had to realize they were not moving, and the mentally “yell” at them to start the process.  Once I regained control of my arm I was able to move toward the probe, but by then the 5 seconds ride was over.

I did have minimal body control while being tased, and complete control immediately after, but I was surprised at the mental fog after the taser hit. I had all the same effects as I have had after a fight.  My adrenal system definitely responded to the taser.
While I do not think the taser replaces the firearm as the preeminent self-defense tool, I think they have uses, and in a few limited instances may be a better choice than a handgun.

Once thing I can say for sure, if you ever want to get a video of yourself getting tased, do not let anyone else hit the record button for you.  You will not want to repeat the event…

Below is a Great video on Tasers from a Cop’s Perspective

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