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How They Killed A Nation Of Preppers

How They Killed A Nation Of Preppers

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How They Killed A Nation Of Preppers – in a short word is the education system.

From the video description

This video does not mean “don’t get a job” or “don’t go to school”. It means you DON’T have to live like the Government Plantation Dwellers that surround you. Free yourself and then free your CHILDREN. All you have to do is STOP living the way THEY want you to live. STOP eating the way THEY want you to eat. STOP acting the way THEY want you to act. STOP wanting what THEY want you to want. STOP believing the bullshit THEY want you to believe. SEEK THE TRUTH and IT SHALL SET YOU FREE.

Listen to the words in the video.  I am pro-education.  My mother is a nationally board certified teacher with graduate level education in special education and middle school literature.  My Grandmother is a retired teacher, my wife is a teacher, I used to teach college as an adjunct instructor.

I am not for public indoctrination that teaches children to shut down their critical thinking skills and blindly follow or work with out ambition.

America needs strong minded individuals that are not afraid to think and make decisions.  The ability of Americans to think had to be shut down in order for the industrialists and the politicians to control us.

If you don’t think that this impacts preparedness you are wrong.  This is why it is essential to prepare.  I don’t often share things like this, but How They Killed A Nation Of Preppers is an essential speech to listen to.

The speaker is Neil Bortz, a retired syndicated radio host, when he retired I stopped listening to talk radio because I don’t listen to be excited or entertained, I listened to be educated.


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