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How to Fly with Your Infant

Fly with Your Infant
How to Fly with Your Infant

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Traveling with a baby is in no way easy; instead, it might be the most daunting task of your life, if you think about it. Not only are you suppose to make sure your baby doesn’t cry but also ensure that the sound of his/her sobs does not disturb the other passengers. I think that is sufficient reason to want to pull out your hair in frustration.

However, no task is too difficult to handle when you are well prepared. With a little bit of planning, a few tricks up your sleeves, you also can be an expert at knowing how to comfortably and safely fly with your infant.

I have outlined a few tips that I think any parent would find useful when they are heading out with their little bundle of joy on a flight:

Plan Flights and Seats

Babies tend to sleep more often than not. However, the excitement of the trip can deter them from their naps at their designated times. Thus, many parents prefer to plan flights in the AMs. At that time, infants are less likely to be fussy, and you can get them to sleep quickly after the plane has landed at your destination.

Moreover, usually, people prefer to carry their infant in their arms when on a flight. However, you should consider getting your young one a separate seat in the plane and secure them in their car seat with a proper harness to keep them safe, as also approved by the FAA. If you are worried about the added expenses then you can always get discounted flight tickets from PennySaviour.

Pack Light or Not

Most people tend to go overboard and pack anything and everything they think their child might need. The trick is to make a list of things that are essential like the stroller or diapers and wipes.

Infants are known for making a mess wherever and whenever they desire. So packing a shirt or two for yourself and the baby in your carry-on might come in handy more than you realize.

The diapers and wipes are, I’m pretty sure available everywhere in the world so, you can make do with just enough to get through the flight and the next day; you can buy more when the need arises. You’ll also need a blanket for the little angel as well as a pacifier, one or two toys are an a-okay but not a bucket full.

Feed Your Baby During Takeoff and Landing

The change in air pressure causes discomfort in our ears that is incredibly painful for adults so imagine the torment it must be for an infant. Thus, if you feed your baby during takeoff and landing, the sucking and swallowing action will help keep their ears open and any distress at bay.

Best of all, if they are not in pain, they are less likely to cry and disturb the other passengers, making it a relaxed, stress-free flight.

Accept Help When Offered

Yes, humanity still exists; the passengers on board or flight attendants will lend a helping hand when they notice an upset baby. Let others take over for a change, to give yourself a bit of time to relax and unwind.

Keeping a baby happy is no easy task; you need the break to keep yourself from feeling frustrated and helpless. It will help make the flight comfortable for you and your young one.


These are just a few tricks to keep in mind when you plan on flying with an infant. So are you ready to board the next flight to your dream destination with a baby in tow?


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