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How to Have a Happy Family – 7 Amazing Tips

How to Have a Happy Family
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“Family is not an important thing. It is everything.” I believe everyone can relate to this feeling.Family is God’s gift to you. Given that, it is your responsibility to keep your family happy.

Here are some of the basics that according to psychologists and thinkers are ways have a happy family.*

#1.Bond with Your Family

The world has changed significantly in recent decades. So has the structure and definition of an ideal family. You can notice various types of families living around you. However, what has maintained its essence is the importance of family.

In that sense, it becomes the responsibility of each individual in the family to spare some time to develop ties with each other.

If your kids have started living on their own, ask them to be home for weekends. And make sure, you also don’t involve yourself in anything other than family.

#2.Share Hugs

There is nothing called an overdose of hugs. Especially, when it is about family, there should be no hesitation in hugging. A tight hug can supply a powerful dose of energy and motivation to anyone feeling down.Hugging builds trust and a sense of safety and security.

Did you know that hugging can be extremely effective at healing physical, emotional, and mental stress?

Hugging is a powerful healing therapy that helps in relieving sickness, anxiety, depression, and stress. Science has also proved the benefits of cuddling. Hugging immediately increases body’s oxytocin levels and thus, neutralizes feelings like anxiety, loneliness, and anger.

Hugging is specifically helpful in developing self-esteem in children. Without parent’s touch, children feel insecure.

#3.Fun Time

Without a room for fun, there is nothing called a quality time. Movies, TV, singing, playing, running in the park, family outing, vacationing, surprise parties, and long drives are times well spent together.

Forcing kids to study or to do their homework can become a cause of their anxiety and stress (*when this is all you do)).  What you stress on is that they should spend some time playing with their friends, which will help them stay fit physically as well as mentally.

There should be plenty of laughter in the family. Watch comedy shows together.Share funny incidences from school or workplace with your family and make them laugh. Read out loud the jokes in your messenger and earn another chance to laugh together.

Family games will be a favorite memory of your lifetime.You never notice such things while they are happening. But, they will always bring a smile on your face whenever you will remember them.

A research done by the American College Pediatricians says, “Spending meaningful and fun time together as a family has a variety of benefits.”

Family fun times allow parents to lay the foundation of better behavior, less stress, and family values in children.

#4.Exercise Together

Exercising is a healthy habit. Go for a walk with your kids. Or ask them to walk the dog in the mornings and say, you will do it in the evenings.

Meet a physical trainer to figure a suitable exercise plan for each member of your family. Group exercising is such a fun. It does not let you lose focus from your fitness regimen.

Also, it is a good example of good parenting.

Participating for charity runs would be a noble cause.And you will be making your children aware of this.Build these habits in your kids without pressurizing them.

#5.Reward & Appreciation

Motivate your kids and family members through rewards and appreciations.

Every kid needs rewards and appreciations to keep doing great. And you need to keep a close look on how your kid is doing in studies, games and other extracurricular activities.

For example: If your son scores A+, then a movie outing would not be bad idea.Similarly, if your daughter wins a drawing competition, she must get a new dress, doesn’t she?

Praising and rewarding children for their accomplishments keep their motivation level high.Always talk about and appreciate the achievements of your kids in front of everyone, while praising their efforts.

While doing this all, never overlook the hard work of your dear wife.  Tell her often how blessed you are tohave her in your life.

#6.Give Surprises

Small, unexpected surprises are delightful. They are a great way to tell the members of your family you care.

What kind of surprises you can give your family members?  Something special, unexpected on the breakfast table.Ordering your requirements from a Queens grocery delivery or your city’s any grocery delivery service,so your wife doesn’t have to go to the supermarket. Taking everyone out for a long drive,this ends up into a day-long outing.

Your surprise gift can be anything, you just need to have a will.

#7.Build and Practice Family Rituals

Each family follows some kinds of rituals such as religious, familial, national and regional and even private. And if you are stressed out over some of your ancestral rituals, you can build some for your very own family.

It is not necessary to develop or follow only religious traditions; you can introduce some new-age customs as going for a movie outing every Friday night followed by a delicate dinner at a restaurant nearby.

Another ritual you can introduce is to going for health checkup as per the schedule. Regular checkups will keep track of your family’s health problems and alleviate their health risks in initial stages. However, you will need to practice those rituals wholeheartedly because they are linked with the wellness and happiness of your family.

Bottom line

It is your family that truly loves and cares for you. Rest, you cannot be sure whether they love you. In addition to unconditional love, family provides you support during difficult times when you need it most. Your family is always there for you.Valuing this very thing, you should always be open to keep them happy as much as you can.

*Dave’s Note:

When the guest author queried this article I was a little skeptical – I even asked how “How to Have a Happy Family” fit on a diy prepper site, but after reading it I realized that this is what this site is all about.  Why prep for emergencies if you don’t have anyone you care about – and if you have people you care about why not enjoy them everyday?  Don’t wait for an emergency to let your loved ones know how you feel.

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