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How to Make a DIY Ceramic Drip Water Filter

DIY Ceramic Drip Water Filter

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This post shows how to make an inexpensive DIY Ceramic Drip Water Filter.

Water is the most essential preparedness item.  You can only survive a couple days without it.  However, as essential as it is, in our society we can sometimes overlook it in our planning.

As a bare minimum, you need to have at least 1 gallon of water per day per person.  This amount is drinking/cooking only, it is not enough for personal hygiene or comfort.  But even this small amount rapidly becomes a logistical nightmare if you attempt to store enough water for a long period of time.

While you should store at least a 72 hour supply (or more), you also need some method of water purification.

I ordered this ceramic filter from a company called monolithic for under $30.00.  It was built in under 30 minutes, and now have filtered water for about 6 months.

I chose to make a DIY Ceramic Drip Water Filter as one of my first prepper projects because a ceramic filter is very modular.

You can install it in two small buckets like the ones shown here, or use two garbage cans, two 1000 gallon tanks, or anything else that can hold water.

This is an easy project, its cheap, and since water is essential to survival it makes perfect sense to include in any disaster preparedness kit.

This project is a great start in your DIY Prepper journey.  However, don’t do it and forget it.  Explore and build other alternatives.  I find learning how to use pool shock to make bleach for water purification is another great project that fits nicely with this one.

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