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How to make your home bug free – Some home care tips

bug free home ideasNow that the warm weather is in, the bugs in your area will be coming out of their winter hiding. It is a time of the year for them to look for sustenance. To them, your home looks like a cornucopia filled with delectable delights. It is no wonder that many of them will be headed your way.

So, you’ll need some effective tips if you want to make your home a bug free zone. We have gathered some for you:

Keeping your eyes open

Sure, if we ever face the apocalypse, cockroaches are the living creatures most likely to survive it. But the supposed otherworldly abilities of the creepy crawlies aside, they don’t just materialize into your home out of the ether.

Thus, staying sharp can clue you into the indications that they are about to set foot inside. For instance, ants will send out scouting members to scope your home. They are there to test how ant-friendly your house is. Therefore, as soon as you spot even a few ants, get to insect-proofing.

Moreover, you can also step outside and go right to the source. If there is firewood stacked next to your house, it could be where the ants and termites are staying temporarily. Keep the stack at least 20 feet from your house. Similarly, drain any catch basins or keep the water in them fresh if there are any in your yard. They are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Moreover, chop them off! Not that we want to scare you, however, you’ll want to know what the Entomological Society of America says about bugs. The ratio stands at a billion bugs to every human on the planet! A veritable insect army is waiting to declare war on your home! Overhanging branches close to your windows or overgrown shrubs can be the access points bugs will use to get into your home.

Repel houseflies and mosquitoes with Basil

Basil makes pasta sauces shine, but it is also a great natural remedy for insects like houseflies and mosquitoes. Since the plant is easy to grow and container-friendly, place a few of them in your kitchen. For families who don’t eat in the kitchen, you’ll want to get those containers into your entertaining spaces too.

You’ll also benefit from a basil-based insect repellent spray. Boil water (4 ounces) and throw in the same amount of fresh basil leaves. Let the basil leaves steep in the water for a few hours before straining them. Splash in as much of supercheap vodka, and you’ll have your spray. You can even store the spray in the fridge.

Essential oils may do the trick

Essential oils aren’t just great for helping you relax. They can also be used to make a bug free home.

You’ll find the following essential oils useful for this purpose:

  1. Neem oil has natural pesticide properties. That’s why it makes a useful non-toxic bug repellent. Mix it with coconut oil (carrier oil) and apply it on your skin. It will keep biting insects like mosquitoes away!
  2. The strong scent of peppermint oil is effective against many different types of bugs. Moreover, it is excellent for both the creepy crawly and flying varieties. For the former, adding a few drops on a cotton ball will be good enough. Place peppermint-scented balls wherever you will find spiders, ticks, and ants congregating. For the latter, you will need a spray. Just 4-5 drops of peppermint oil added to a quarter cup of water, and you have your mixture. Spritz it near entry points.

Seal the entry points into your home

Do you realize that the common cockroach increases the chances of asthma attacks and allergies in children? Leaving gaps in your entrance ways can give the pesky bugs a chance to get in. Don’t think there are many such spaces around your home? Look closely, and you’ll be unpleasantly surprised!

Start by sealing the space under all the doors leading to the outside. An aluminum or steel threshold can keep the insects from crawling under your door. To fortify, you can also purchase a cheap door sweep. Most hardware stores have door sweeps. But be sure to get nylon ones instead of vinyl or neoprene for maximum bug protection.

After the base is taken care of, you can shift to sealing the door frame’s perimeter. Insects can crawl in along the sides or the top without this protection. Do it with clear caulk. Follow the frame in the direction that the door meets the wall.

Finally, get the most use of your door sealing techniques by remembering to keep the door closed! Kids can be forgetful, and the door sweep won’t be effective if the door stays open all the time.

A hydraulic device known as the door closer can be really handy. Adjust the power and the closing speed on it when you install it. If someone leaves it ajar, the door will automatically close and latch because of the door closer. You can get a door closer at your local home improvement store. It is also easy to install, so you can do it yourself too.

Monthly deep cleaning is a must

Places like the kitchen see a lot of use and traffic. We cook there and often consume food in the kitchen too. Therefore, keeping it clean can be hard.

Moreover, if you work most days, you may not be able to do deep cleaning often. But you should have one done every month to clear away any accumulating food particles, etc. That is also true for other parts of the house. Any room where food makes a regular appearance needs regular deep cleaning. Also, grab a Bug Killer or any insect repellent spray for a cleaner, bug-free home!

Remove overripe fruits and veggies from the counter

Fruit flies, ants, and other bugs are attracted to overripe fruits and vegetables, especially if the organic treats are left sliced open or cut up. Keep them off the counter and move them to the fridge. Sure, fruit flies may not be as harmful, but pests like cockroaches may find their way to ripe fruits too. Once they get in, you’ll find it difficult to get them out of your home!

Parting thoughts

Bugs are creatures who cannot be allowed in your personal space for any reason. Want to make your home bug free? Our suggestions will help you do just that. Do you have other effective remedies? Share them with us!

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