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How to Make Your Own Fishing Net

How to Make Your Own Fishing Net
How to Make Your Own Fishing Net

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While some prefer to purchase a fishing net, some people enjoy the relaxation that comes from making their own.

If you are like me then knowing how to make your own fishing net is something you find to be a neat skill to have.

If a do it yourself net is what you’re after, there are several things you should keep in mind.

In this article, we are going to look at a few things to consider, the materials you will need, and the steps to making a net that you can use for your next fishing trip. Here is what you need to know.

Things to Consider

Before you get started making your fishing net, you need first to consider the size of the net you want to make. If you want a larger fishing net, you will need to repeat the steps until you have reached the size you want. If you want a smaller net, it might not take you quite as long to make it. However, before you buy your supplies and get started, you need to know your ideal net size.

You need to also consider the desired quality of your fishing net. Do you want a high-quality net or just a simple fishing net? Your preferences will determine the type of string and handle you should purchase to make your net out of. The last thing to consider before you get started is your intention for the net. How will you use your fishing net? If you are planning to use it for heavy duty fishing, you might want to invest in a high quality string. If you are just using it for a few fishing days out of the year, cheaper string should work just fine.

The Supplies

Now that you have somewhat of an idea about your ideal fishing net, you can start shopping for your supplies. To begin, you are going to need a set of needles. Your local sporting goods store should have several needle options. You will also need a good pair of scissors or a knife to cut the string or line that you will be using. Once you have these, you can then get your string or line. The amount you purchase will depend on the size of the net you want to make. Along with your line, you will need a few net gauges to help you decide how wide to make the holes in the net. To finish off the net making materials, you need a good set of net handles so you can easily use your net while you are out fishing.

How to Make Your Own Fishing Net

Now that you have your materials, it is time to get started making your net.

The first step will be the start of your net. Start by holding your thread snugly and making a loop. Tightly grip the intersection of the loop. By using your free hand, grab the tag end of the string, and thread it through the loop and around it once again. This makes your first knot of the net when you pull the knot closed.

The second step involves grabbing your net gauge. You will need to decide how wide you want the holes in the net. The fish size that you fish for the most will determine which gauge you need to use. For example, typical 20-pound fish will need a net with a 1-inch gauge. You can create this gauge by using your fingers, index and middle fingers. You should use both of them as your guide for creating your knots.

The third step is the construction of the first row. You will need to make this row as long as you want your net. If you happen to run out of thread during the process at any time, use a sheet bend knot to the last loop to connect more thread. You will need to pass that tag end back over the top and join those knotted ends with the new piece of thread. You will construct your net row by row.

Step four involves finishing off your net. You should gather the net up in your hands, letting it drape to the ground. A standard fishing net is only between 12 and 18-inches in depth. To finish off the net, you will fold a 1-inch flap of this netting over the handle of your choice. Use the needle to sew the net onto the handle by passing the thread under and over the handle until it is secure. Then, just knot off the net to finish.

Drew Bishop is a contributing writer and media specialist for Delta Net and Twine. He regularly produces content for a variety of fishing and outdoor blogs.

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