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How to Stop Rugs from Slipping on Carpet

How to Stop Rugs from Slipping on Carpet

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I once did a guest post for Prepography about prepper related things I learned while working in a prison. Today’s post on “How to Stop Rugs from Slipping” is another tip I learned from a felon.

While digging through the Martha Stewart website doing research for an entrepreneur class I was taking I saw her give a tip to use beads of latex calk every 6 inches or so along the edges of a run to make it non-slip.

Since my wife loves rugs, and I hate them bunching up and slipping, but hate to buy those expensive no-slip mats.

Since Martha Stewart says caulk works well to stop rugs from slipping.  I thought I would try it.  You know, I didn’t expect much, so I was pleased to find that it did work.  Never think you cannot learn something from convicts…

Speaking of convicts, I wonder since her and Snoop Dog are such good friends, and he calls her an OG does this mean Mrs. Stewart is a Crip like her friend?  I know they tend to recruit in Prison. most people won’t think that is funny.  However, I work in a prison though, and my co-workers think its hilarious.

I shouldn’t really speculate, but I do know she gets a point on the gang confirmation form for know and frequent association with gang members.

How to Stop Rugs from Slipping Update:

This did work well for some time, but over time the gripping power of the calk started slipping.  It has been a year and this does not work near as good.  Maybe if I used more caulk it would work better.  I don’t actually know.  But, it did work well for a while, so maybe if you can figure it out you can let me know what will fix my problem.

Something I learned in my new house, while it may not work long term on short fibered carpet, it works very well on hardwood and laminate floor. I have actually put rugs that my wife wanted me to throw away in my shop to catch parts. I find little screws and pins don’t bounce as far on carpet as they do the bare cement floor. The caulk beads do help keep the thin rugs from sliding around. Your milage may vary, but try it.  I’d love to hear your results with this tip.  Or what you did instead.

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