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Idea List for Everyday Carry Tools

EDC Tools
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This post on EDC Tools is a list of items that did not fit in other areas.  Some of these are gadgets, some are smaller tools that don’t contain knives.

This list is not all inclusive, I am sure there are useful EDC tools that I skipped or are unaware of, also this is not a buy everything and be safe list.  Some of the items below are redundant and are left to your own taste and judgement.

I like to have a small screwdriver/multi-tool on my key ring. so that I can always have the ability to unscrew things.  However, about the only thing on this list I can take to work is the P-38 can opener down at the bottom of the page – BUT you would be surprised at just how much you can do with one of those old military openers if you have the desire to force something open.

I encourage you to look down this list and see if any of the items would be useful to you on a daily or weekly basis – if they look cool, but you never use them, after a while they will end up off your key-chain and stuck in a drawer.  Besides my list you can find some great tool ideas at ToolsSpecialist Blog

Like all my other posts, you can click the picture to view this item on Amazon.  I do make a small commission if you purchase from this link, but it does not cost you any more money and the commissions pay for the hosting of this site and a small amount of the time it takes to find the information I share here.

Nite-Ize DoohicKey Multi-Tool






TOTOONE Compact Multi-Tool Keychain



Keychain Multi-Tool EDC Mini-Tool 10-in-1 Key Tool



Maxcraft EDC Portable Screwdriver Set Tool



Keychain Multi-Tool



Tactica Multitool M100 – TSA compliant



Dkka Outdoor EDC Stainless Steel Tactical Multi-functional Pocket tool



Waterproof EDC Keychain Capsule Tube


(I used to keep a capsule like this on my key-chain = it held OOOO steel wool and a small DIY Keychain ferrocerium rod)


Mini Pocket Monocular Binocular



Heavy Duty Pocket Wrench



Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper Keychain Tweezers



Stanley 39-130 3 x 1/4-Inch PowerLock Key Tape



Mini Pocket Slide Switch 20x 21mm Magnifier Loupe



Geekercity EDC Wrench



Multi function signal mirror


(This is my true EDC – I use it at the prison when searching to ensure I don’t get stuck by a homemade drug needle or a razor)


Commando Wire Saw



P-38 Can Opener and P-51 Can Opener


(I’ve had a John Wayne Can Opener on my key-chain since the early 1990’s, its a military thing – but these sure are handy)

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