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What to Do If You Are Being Robbed

If You Are Robbed

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If you are robbed, do your best to remain calm.  If you can’t remain calm, at least ACT like it.You must decide in advance your belief in resistance.  Personally I believe in the morality of self-defense but everyone must decide for themselves.

Decide what you will fight for.  If do not know what you are willing to fight for, you will not be able to act fast enough to do any good.

Common Sense Tips to Use If You are Being Robbed:

  • Be identification conscious. Observe the holdup suspect carefully for future identification.
  • Report the robbery immediately-dial 911 and don’t hang up.
  • If possible, protect the crime scene: do not let anyone disturb it. Wait for police.
  • Cooperate with police. By doing as they request you will help solve the crime.
  • Reduce Criminal Opportunity
  • And Protect Your Business

I personally have decided I am not gong to shoot someone over stuff.  If I am robbed and I feel, based upon the circumstances, that cooperation will cause the robber to leave then I will give up my wallet.

As a government employee I never have money in it anyway.  However, if I feel that my life, or the life of my loved ones are in danger, I will fight.

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