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Instant Pot Chicken and Rice | Easy One Pot Dinner

Instapot Chicken and Rice

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I want to show how easy it is to cook with my wife’s instapot so I am going to show my favorite meal, Instapot Chicken and Rice.

In the excitement to cook, my son and I knocked over the camera and broke the lens.  I did not know it at the time, so the picture is blurry. (old video below – the new one is better focused)

Anyway, The instapot is an electric pressure cooker/crock pot.  It is extremely fast and easy to use.

I bought it because my wife wanted it, but also because of the easy functions.  If you want chicken cooked, press the poultry button – add more time for more chicken.

The same for dried beans, soups, rice, meat – just add ingredients and press the button.

What I find I like best about the device is  that the inner pot that holds the food is both stainless steel and removable.  That makes the pot easy to clean.

My wife uses this to steam vegetables for her diet, and I use it to make chicken and rice.

To make my instapot chicken and rice it is easy.

  • Throw in chicken (I used boneless thighs mostly)
  • Add about a cup of water
  • Close lid and press the poultry button and the start button
  • Wait 10 minutes, open and remove chicken
  • Add 2 cups of rice and enough water to have about 1 1/3 cup of liquid per cup of rice (broth remains in the pot)
  • If the wife is not looking I add some chili powder and a cup of cream of chicken soup (after the rice is cooked)
  • Close lid, press the rice button and the start button
  • Come back when it beeps, open and combine cooked chicken with the rice

It could not be easier.

This the too much water version I mentioned in the video above (I like it this way, but most don’t)


For those interested:

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