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Jackknife Lockpick Review

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While I don’t often need lock-picks, I do find the ability to pick locks fascinating.  There are groups and conventions dedicated to the mechanical skill needed to bypass locking mechanisms.

It take a keen mechanical mind to develop lock picking techniques.

This Jackknife Lockpick is a really neat way to keep lock-picks readily available for use.

Beware, some states have laws making it illegal to carry a lockpick set.  They are considered in some places to be “Burglar Tools”

Personally, I like the little shot of dopamine when I make the lock click open.

Lockpicking is a pretty neat skill to have, and I should probably do a video on it one day.  I like this Jackknife Lockpick because it is easy to carry around and is pretty handy.

Even if you don’t ever plan on picking locks to get them open, knowing what locks are easy to pick has uses in designing security systems around your home.  For one, after learning to pick locks, I found out how extremely easy a master lock is to pick open.  You would think they would be hard based upon their branding as being strong.

At one time I thought about opening a locksmith service, but it was right at the time the Dept of Commerce decided to protect the people that had services already by making it almost impossible to start your own without permission of the existing services. (apprentice program)

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