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Knots: Taut Line Hitch

Knots: Taut Line Hitch

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Today’s knot is the Taut Line Hitch.

Since it can be slipped to tighten or loosen a line, and it also holds well under load, it is a great not for camping.

This makes it useful for lines that may need adjustment.

I learned it in the boy scouts and use it to tie tent and tarps to stakes, because it slides freely, yet jams under load, which makes adjustments easy.

Tying a Tautline Hitch

  • Make a turn around a post or other object several feet from the free end.
  • Coil the free end twice around the standing line working back toward the post.
  • Make one additional coil around the standing line on the outside of the coils just made.
  • Tighten the knot and slide it on the standing line to adjust tension.

The taut line hitch was the first knot I learned in the Boy Scouts (but I already knew the square knot from my dad).  This knot is perfect for guy lines on tarps and tents.

I can think of 8 taut line hitch knots being used semi-permanently at the land – tying down the tarp at my campsite, and trying down a tarp on the back of the shed.


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