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Light Infantry Tactics: For Small Teams

Book Review: Light Infantry Tactics: For Small Teams

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Finally! Step-by-step tactics for teams of three to 30 members. Tired of collecting a library of military manuals just to teach light infantry patrolling tactics? Military manuals are notoriously confusing and boring! Light Infantry Tactics: For Small Teams gives you good advice in easily understood language.

If you have never served, or like me, it has been a while, Light Infantry Tactics is a good way to get basic knowledge.

While it does not include information on MOUT (Urban Warfare), it has a lot of good info on patrolling, hand signals, and other basic skills.

I would not say that this book would come even fractionally close to replacing actual military skills the idea that someone who has not served can gain some technical knowledge by a book is a long standing principle.  The Swiss military wrote the book Total Resistance so that bankers, clock makers, and school teachers could fight an occupying force and survive long enough to defend their homeland.

I keep this book, and others like it, in my library so that I can periodically refresh my memory on the skills I learned in the Marines.

This is a good book for that.

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