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Live Infinitely Double Camping Hammock Review

Gear Review: Live Infinitely Double Camping Hammock

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Growing up the son of a State Park Ranger, I went camping a lot.  It was a cheap vacation, and my Dad really liked laying in the hammock and relaxing as I rushed about playing wilderness survival “expert”.  I am pretty familiar with using a camping hammock.

We used to own a lot of hammocks, primarily the net kind.  Laying in them is nice, but they always seemed to snag on twigs when packing them, and they got tangled up a lot.

When Live Infinitely offered me a chance to review their Live Infinitely Double Camping Hammock I could not resist.  I ordered it off of Amazon and went out to pick out my trees.

I like this hammock as it is a double hammock and is rated for 450 pounds.  Now that I have grown up and gained some weight, the high strength makes me feel comfortable.  I also love how it is a solid nylon sheet.  This construction makes it easy to store and easy to fold.

Additionally, this hammock has a built in storage pouch that I also use as a convenient place to hold my phone and glasses as I nap.

This is, by far, the best camping hammock I have ever owned.  At $35.00 it is a good deal, and I like how it lets me sleep off the ground.

If you want more options, I have linked to a double hammock buyer’s guide.

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