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How to Weave a Handle Using the Portuguese Sinnet

Weaving a Handle for a Messenger Bag Using the Portuguese Sinnet
DIY: Messenger Bag Handle

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Being an EDC (everyday carry) kind of guy, especially one that’s a fan of MacGyver and 24, it should be no surprise that I normally carry a messenger bag.  I know its not the coolest thing in the world for a guy to carry a purse.  Even if it has such nifty names as Jack Pack or Bauer Bag.  My lovely bride calls it my murse a lovely portmanteau of Man-Purse.

I used para-cord to create a simple Messenger Bag Handle using common para-cord weaving techniques.

I bought my Bauer Bag at a local Army Navy store for about $20. It’s an Israeli Paratrooper Bag.  I just started shoving things inside.

What is in my Messenger Bag

I have a collection of Altoids tin kits inside for sewing, medications, various small repairs, and on occasion a small survival kit.  A small knife sharpener, lighter, electric tape, batteries, USB drives, Leatherman, screwdrivers, gun bore light, flashlight, sharpie, pens, a garbage bag, and tissues. On the occasion I am not going to work a Taurus 85 fit in as well.  It also holds my various papers and lesson plans.

I like the bag; it is pretty study and well designed.  Unfortunately, the strap leaves a lot to be desired.  It is small and bunches up.  Being a shoulder bag, it can be awkward to fetch it out of the car.

Being in a DIY mindset the other day, and having a lot of para-cord left over from the neck knife project I decided to fix it.  I then happened upon an Instructable for installing a Portuguese Sinnet handle on a bag exactly like mine.

Here’s the link for the Instructable if you want to check it out: Instructable on Making a Portuguese Sinnet Handle

This was way easier than I imagined, and it’s the same knot they use to make those para-cord bracelets that sell online for $20.  as well as gun slings and belts.

The only thing I changed when following this Instructable was that instead of using two foot long pieces of cord, I used a single piece that was about 3 feet long.

Process for weaving the Portuguese Sinnet Knot

The process is pretty simple: double the rope around one of the loops in the bag and then make the knot over and over until you get the length you want, loop the ends around the other ring and pull them threw the center of the knots using some thread you braided in the sinnet.

This is exactly the same process for making a para-cord bracelet with a jig.  The only difference is that instead of a jig I used the metal rings on either side of my bag to hold the ends of my cord.


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