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Mobile Home Demolition

Mobile Home Demolition

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The Mobile Home Demolition was not as hard as I thought it would be, of course it was messy, tiring, and seemingly never ending.  Once we figured out a system the process went much faster.

First we used the backhoe to smash down the walls, and then used the truck and a chain to pull down the walls the backhoe bucket would not reach.  We also disconnected the marriage wall with a variety of 3/4 and 1/2 bolts at the roof and under the trailer.

Next we climber under the trailer and removed all the 1/2 lag bolts that connected the frame to the 2×6 joists.  There was one at least every foot on both sides of each separate trailer.  I find that a good impact driver makes this process much easier.

1/2 bolts also were found connecting a board to the joists on the outside walls.  Those bolts were difficult because they were under the glued and stapled plywood and set deep into the wood.

Once all the bolts were out we jerked the boards on the outside of the trailer off and began freeing the joists.

A skill saw cut along the floor of the trailer between joists was necessary to free the 2×6 joist.  Then a tug to remove it was needed and the joist was piled for later salvage.

A heating duct and pex water line was connected to the joists with strapping tape every few boards, so that had to be cut free,

Once the frame was exposed, we rolled up the insulation, poking holes in the plastic liner so the nasty water could drain.  Once it fried it was easier to haul off to the dump.

All that is left is to move the frame and stack the bricks.

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