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How to Find a Good Firearm Instructor on

How to Find a Good Firearm Instructor on
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I have just published another article at on Safely dealing with lead, as well as another article on How to find a good firearm instructor that has also just been posted on

As I have said before, I think has the potential to be a great website.  They have some good articles on guns and some pretty cool staff members (besides myself).

I do worry that they are headed toward a little more fluff than substance.  However, even if does go fully entertainment, there is still worse entertainment than gun based reading.

I think that if you want to start writing for a living, this is a good place to start. have a pretty easy setup, and a great set of editors.

If you know guns and can string a couple of sentences together, then you can probably get published here.

I mean, I am no Hemingway myself, but I do like to see my stuff in print.  Because of this I have also started writing for the for local issues dealing with sustainable agriculture and firearm rights.

However, with the project load I have, as well as the full time job I have, I am starting to feel the strain.  I may end up dropping a project or two in the future.  Especially if I have to make hard choices about my time.


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