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More PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman

Book Review: More PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman

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Forbes’ first book, PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman, became a runaway best-seller with do-it-yourselfers, outdoorsmen and survivalists alike.

in his new More PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman book he’s taken his no-frills approach to creating inexpensive shelters, primitive weapons, sturdy outdoor furniture and hunting and fishing gear and come up with more than 30 new projects, all made with durable, cheap PVC pipe.

Using photos and easy-to-follow instructions, this book guides you through such projects as a slingshot, brush bow, shooting bench, spotting scope stock (this pvc stock is a favorite of mine), bow-fishing reel, wall tent, animal pen, pickup truck shelter, firewood cradle and many more.

If you failed woodshop but still want to enjoy the dual satisfaction of building something yourself and saving loads of money in the process, this is the perfect do-it-yourself book for you.

The book is pretty cool, and the concepts inside are great.  I love the idea of using something so readily available inexpensively to make items that you may need.

PVC projects are in the reach of almost anyone, the simple projects give confidence to tackle larger and more difficult things.  It is a good step in the incremental process of becoming “handy”.

I have made several projects out of PVC pipe, and find it a great DIY material.

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