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Mosin Nagant Cleaning Rod Tip

Mosin Nagant Cleaning Rod Tip
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At a recent NRA instructor class we got into a Curio and Relic discussion on one of the breaks, and one of the students told me he found a solution to the short cleaning rods that come with the Mosin Nagant 91/30s.

As always, I was open to learning how someone else did things, so I was all ears to hear about his Cleaning Rod Tip

What he did was to take a simple ¼ inch dowel rod and use that to push his patches down the bore.

Since it is wood, it won’t scratch the rifling – it is long enough to push the patch from the breech to the muzzle – and being slightly smaller than .30 it is a nice tight fit.

I like it, and now have a dowel rod near my cleaning bench.  This is a great way to clean guns as the wood will not scratch the bore, it is cheap, and it keeps me from switching jags back and forth.  For some reason I hate unscrewing and changing tips on my cleaning rod.  With the cost of dowel rods and the ease at drilling one out for a jag I can afford to have a few.

Try it, and tell me what you think.

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