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Understand Shooting Errors by Octant Error Analysis

Octant Error Analysis
Shooting: Octant Error Analysis
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Sometimes too much emphasis by observers is placed on the target as the shooter is actually firing. However crazy this might sound, we do realize that the goal of all shooting is the effect on the target. What we are speaking of is placing too much attention on the round holes placed in the target during practice.

While practicing, the shooter’s full attention should be on what is done behind and to the firearm.

This is made possible by the ability of a skilled shooter to read his shooting errors by looking at the placement of his groups on the target.

This skill is very useful and helpful in determining the causes of trends. It should not be used to diagnose why hits are being scored everywhere but the target.

If shots are scattered widely, then more attention should be placed upon the fundamentals.

Octant Error Analysis is something I believe in, and I have a lot of personal experience using it to coach competition shooters and to solve many problems shooters have.

The following chart is for right-handed shooters

Octant Error Analysis
Octant Error Analysis Chart

Reverse instructions for left hand shooting  This chart is divided into pie shaped sections numbered alphabetically. This is called Octant error analysis.

    A Breaking Wrist Up

    B Heeling Anticipating Recoil

    C Thumbing

    D Tightening Grip while Pulling up on Trigger

    E Breaking Wrist Down or Dropping Head

    F Jerking or Tightening Fingers

    G Trigger Finger not placed Correctly on Trigger

    H Pushing: Anticipating Recoil


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