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Old Home Renovations: 3 Signs it is Time to Update the Driveway

Old Home Renovations: 3 Signs it is Time to Update the Driveway
3 Signs it is Time to Update the Driveway

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Today I have a guest post that outlines 3 Signs it is Time to Update the Driveway of your home.  I admit I have a couple of these at my place.

If your home’s driveway could talk, it would probably plead for a complete overhaul long before you would likely think it needs more than minor renovations or resurfacing. As if automobiles weighing several tons each rolling up and down the asphalt every day wouldn’t exert a hefty enough toll, annual seasonal cycles of freezing winter temperatures and precipitation, a springtime thaw, sweltering summer heat and a full-circle arrival back around to snow and ice inevitably leave cracking patterns like varicose veins from one end of your driveway to the other. As a homeowner, you have two choices: mind your driveway’s wear and tear on a timely basis or wait until the elements and steady daily traffic convert neglected yearly maintenance into a horrendously costly replacement project. Heeding these three telltale warning signs should convince you to update your driveway before compounded damage leaves you no choice but to break the bank replacing it.

Cracking and Potholes

The ground beneath your driveway flexes and shifts constantly. Eventually, as cars pass over the pavement constantly and changing temperatures cause everything beneath it to contract and expand, cracks can eventually deteriorate into potholes. Ignore these troublesome craters long enough at your own peril. Your car’s tires and suspension will drive the point home inevitably if subjected to them long enough to cause mounting damage. Remedy shallow potholes with a basic resurfacing, but don’t wait too long before making a date with a construction material delivery service and investing an afternoon in making over your rough-hewn asphalt. Deeper holes may require a more expensive resurfacing down the line.

Pooling and Drainage Issues

Believe it or not, few variables will wear a driveway down more persistently than moisture. If water runs right down the middle of your driveway or pools in conspicuous places, drainage issues may have already jeopardized its lifespan. This is a bigger problem than just sidestepping puddles while walking up and down your driveway during spring showers. When moisture seeps into surface cracks, freezing and thawing cycles will gradually expand, contract and weaken the underlying ground. Timely resurfacing locks out water and optimizes drainage, giving your driveway even better odds for a long life before you need to consider replacement.

Weathering, Crumbling and Erosion

A sun-faded driveway is one thing. Once your surface starts looking especially beaten-up, the entire structure has probably weakened to the point where bigger problems may soon develop. A crumbling, eroded driveway is harder to drive or park atop without accelerating ongoing damage to a car’s tires, wheels and suspension. Even pedestrians need to tread lightly, since a craggy surface invites twisted ankles and ugly trip accidents. Erosion is a methodical process, but the sooner you buckle down and resurface, the better your chances of spending several times more to repave or replace the entire thing.

Knowing when to update your driveway is not rocket science, but don’t let that fact undersell its importance. Remember, your vehicles call this little landing strip home between commutes. Just as importantly, it leaves an immediate curb-appeal impression capable of instantly elevating or depleting your home’s value. All things considered, you will almost always be better off erring on the cautious side by addressing visible structural concerns sooner much rather than later. You never know what a difference 12 months can make until you step outside and wonder when your assault evolved into an array of lunar craters and stray chunks of pavement.

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