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How to Bore Sight a Rifle the Old Fashioned Way

How to Bore Sight a Rifle the Old Fashioned Way


Old School Rifle Boresighting

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I like gadgets and things that make life easier, BUT – I think it is vital that we don’t loose the ability to perform essential tasks without the aid of specialized equipment.

Today we will describe the “old school” method of rifle boresighting that allows you to sight in your rifle without the aid of a laser bore-sighter, collimator, or other equipment.

This is a very simple procedure to do.  However, you need a bolt action rifle that has a removable bolt.

How to Boresight a Rifle

  • Simply mount your scope and center the cross-hairs.
  • Ensure that it is level and balanced on the rifle.
  • Securely mount your rifle on a bench.  You can use a vice.  However, in the video I simply used the rifle’s bipod and some sandbags. It is essential that the rifle not move as you perform the sighting in procedure.
  • Remove the barrel and look through it.
  • Center the bore of the gun on a target set at the range you want to sight the rifle to.
  • If the rifle is securely held, and the bore centered on your target, all you need to do is to move up to your sight.  Center your scope reticle on the center of the target.

This should get your first shot on paper, and if care is taken, it should be pretty close.

Hope this is helpful.  If you want to see the best rifle scope in 2016 I have included a link.

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