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Using a Pencil Sharpener for Tinder

Using a Pencil Sharpener for Tinder

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As far as survival gear goes, I like cheap, light, unobtrusive, and multi-use. Today’s tip of using a Pencil Sharpener for Tinder fits all those things.

If you keep a small pencil sharpener in your gear you can use it to make tinder for your fire. It the outside of the wood is wet from a quick rainstorm, by cutting into the wood you can access dry material.

As a side benefit – the pencil sharpener will put a point on small diameter wood which you could use to make traps, fishing implements, tent stakes – whatever – and in a pinch the razor can be removed and uses as a small knife.

Not bad for something you can buy at the dollar store…

The best thing about using a pencil sharpener for tinder is that it weighs practically nothing, is small and ob obtrusive, and if you take care when selecting it, you may be able to disassemble it to get a razor you could use if needed.

This is a great survival kit idea, it it light, cheap, small, and never goes bad.  I make a point to keep a pencil sharpener in all my tool bags just for those reasons.

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