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Scenario Prepper Life with an Angry Wife

Scenario Prepper Life with an Angry Wife
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The Duffle Blog is one of my favorite websites, however I have noticed (sometimes with glee) that sometimes the satire found on their site gets picked up by “mainstream” media and published as real news.

Since I get such a kick out of their humor and love of the Military, I thought should I attempt at making a funny video for prepping? – of course both my wife and my higher brain function said no, but If I let common sense stop me I would lose about 75 percent of my ideas for future videos.  Thats prepper life at my house, doing videos that I think are neat that I think will help me in the future.

Since some people cannot tell, I have to say the video below is my lame attempt at humor – I don’t force my wife to watch tremors and eat MRE’s for date night (I am too busy prepping and shooting videos to waste time on date night).

I do, however, look at Burt Gummer’s gun safe as the ideal – since I will never surpass Mad Mike Williamson and own more guns that the nation of Barbados.

My wife did not think my joke was funny, but it took her a second to get it, she is not used to me trying  to be funny.  Unfortunately she says I am too serious and don’t take time to have fun – which is a shame, because I would like to, I just forget to take my own advice sometimes as I spend all my time working to better my family’s life rather than take time to enjoy it.

But at least the boy helps me with that – if I spend too much time on the computer he always comes gets me…

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