Book Review: Prepper Pete

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I recently got the opportunity to review a very interesting book from Kermit Jones Jr.

This military Chaplain and father of 4 young children needed to figure out how to introduce the concept of personal preparedness to his daughters without scaring.

In this book Kermit uses the old prepper analogy of prepared ants to explore the concepts of prepping through the life of one particularly smart  ant named Pete.

In Pete’s travels he and his family decide they need to prepare and in a simplistic and non-judgmental way they store food, learn skills, and prepare for a variety of unknown and known disasters.

What I like most about the Prepper Pete series is the message. Prepper Pete says “Some people prepare because they are afraid. Our family doesn’t have to be afraid… because we are prepared!

This is a fun way to introduce kids to the work of preparedness by showing them that preparedness is based out of common sense and love rather being a crack-pot thing to hide.

I have read this book to my Son, and I look forward to discussing it with him as he gets older, but right now all he wants to talk about is “me milk” and “down please”.


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