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Prepper Reality Radio Show

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Through twitter I was introduced to some really cool guys that run a new Prepper Reality Radio Show.

What is different about these guys is that their hosts specialize in particular topics so instead of having one host with a longer show that covers a lot of topics, they have shorter but more focused shows.

That works for them because they are focusing on teaching topics, so you can listen live or download only what you want to, and don’t have to listen to topics you my not be interested in to hear what you want.

But what really got my attention is that the lead host Maha33, coined the term prepsteading, which is homesteading for preparedness.  As soon as I heard the term  I focused i, because that is exactly what I am doing, but never thought to label it.

Right now we are working on scheduling a time that I can come on as a guest to talk about firearm issues for preppers.

I look forward to learning more from these guys and I have posted their website addresses below so you can check them out.

Prepper Reality Website:  www.anythingprepping.com
New site (under construction): www.prepperreality.com

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