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Preppers Guide to Preparing for Reality

Preppers Guide to Preparing for Reality

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The community of preppers grew in 2008 with the launch of My Patriot Supply as a leading Online resource and retailer helping U.S. citizens prepare for the worst should a natural disaster or ‘doomsday’ scenario occur. The retailer has become a major part of the preppers community over the course of its first decade in operation.  If you want help preparing for reality, then this company can provide that help.

The community of preppers has largely been misunderstood because of a small number of mainstream TV shows which choose to portray this growing number of Americans as unhinged or worse. However, the majority of preppers are simply concerned citizens who understand a breakdown in society can occur at any time through a natural weather event such as a tornado or hurricane or can take a larger form should an attack on the U.S. create major infrastructure problems. The majority of preppers are not spending their time worrying over the zombie apocalypse arriving but are instead watching The Weather Channel and the news to monitor the global political situation.

Being prepared for any eventuality is the key to the work of My Patriot Supply and preppers across the U.S. who understand there are few options of people or agencies to turn to when a major event leads to the breakdown of a small or large community. In most cases, the decision to become a prepper is taken by those who have either had the first-hand experience of a disaster striking and leaving them with little help from government agencies or those who have woken up to the fact self-reliance is the best option.

Although it has become a commonly held belief because of shows like “The Walking Dead” and movies including “28 Days Later”, the zombie apocalypse is not something preppers worry about each day. As science has so far yet to find the technology capable of reanimating dead tissue there are no reasons to prepare for this fiction becoming a reality.

Instead, many people who may not feel they are part of the preppers community may be shocked to discover they are already getting started with the early stages of preparedness. An individual who has taken the time and effort to think about installing a generator or assembling a disaster emergency kit in case of a major weather event is already a prepper; creating a kit with flashlights, matches, and a supply of canned foods is the first step on the way to becoming prepared for a life where the rule of law may no longer be in place for a short or long period of time.

What the majority of preppers understand is the fact there is a chance of certain situations arising which will result in a period of time when government agencies are unwilling or unable to provide the necessary utilities and requirements for human life. This does not always mean preparing for the worst case scenario but can instead mean creating a survival garden with fruits and vegetables which can be used as a food supply should the usual communication lines of social breakdown. In the short term, this can mean creating a supply of generators and fuel to provide power, heat, and light should the utility supply be knocked out by a storm or a far worse event.

Being a prepper means looking at the chances of certain situations occurring and creating a plan which will protect the individual and their family should a scenario happen. There is a zero percent chance of the zombie apocalypse occurring which means this is a scenario which should be ignored by serious preppers who are looking to create a contingency plan for the future. It is important to remember the government should always be part of the plans being created as no matter why an individual has decided to become a prepper they need to ensure they have taken into account the fact some form of government will always remain in place if and when a natural or human-made disaster occurs.

Although a breakdown in society may take place at some point in the future the rule of law should always be part of the thought process and planning for any serious prepper. Despite the fact a breakdown of society may take place and a prepper isolated for a period of time it is always a good option to become an active member of the prepper community as the advice, tips, and news of the latest technological advances could mean the difference between success and failure in the survival business.

* I added this guest post because I believe in preparing for reality.  Too many people spend way too much time preparing for things that aren’t realistic.  In a world of limited resources, I believe in balance and that I need to spend my time and money on things that give the most benefit to my family.

I like my patriot supply because they good products as well as provide good information with their survival scout newsletters.  To me you can’t go wrong with preparing for reality.

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