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How to Prevent Freezer Burn on Ice Cream


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The comments on the video below are consistent in saying that if you have to prevent freezer burn on ice cream you are not eating it fast enough.

That is fair, and maybe people don’t have this problem, but I do because we like to keep ice cream in the freezer as a reward for WT but sometimes I forget it is there.

Freezers tend to pull moisture from items and overtime this causes freezer burn.  It does not necessarily ruin the item, but it does deteriorate flavor and texture .  Additionally things like ice cream can pick up off flavors from other things stored in the freezer.

To prevent this you can easily slip the ice cream in a gallon heavy duty freezer bag.  If you really want to extend the shelf life of ice cream as well as doubly prevent freezer burn on ice cream you can use something like the thrifty vac to vacuum out any air from the bag.

This does not just work for ice cream, you can use it for anything you want to store long term in the freezer.

In my basement deep freeze I have several dozen rabbit skins double bagged in ziplocks until I get enough to turn into a rabbit pelt blanket.  I bet you could even use this to store food in a portable ice maker.


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