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PRN Episode #5 What to Do After a Shooting

PRN Episode #5 What to Do After a Shooting

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In this episode David talks about What to Do After a Shooting.

Its easy to learn how to shoot.  However, it is harder to learn when to shoot.  Even more so what to do after.  Because that is not always addressed in some classes.

There are two schools of thought when dealing with the police, and David discusses them both

The show is scheduled for Monday at 10pm central time at this link.

If you cannot listen on Monday, you can always download the podcast for listening at your own leisure.

I have several blog posts on this subject and have written about this on other sites like guns.com as well.  It is my view that there are many people teaching how to shoot, and a few teaching when to shoot, but learning What to Do After a Shooting is not as well covered in the instructor world.

If you don’t know how to handle yourself during police questioning you can find yourself a suspect instead of a crime victim.  The justice system has two different paths depending on its view of you as it relates to victim or subject.  Officers quickly decide which path to put you one, and it is extremely hard to get back if you have been derailed off of the crime victim track.  This is a topic I have written extensively about.

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