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Gaffer Tape for DIY Review

Gear Review: Gaffer Tape for DIY

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It may seem strange that a prepper would be reviewing an item commonly used on movie sets, but I take pride in my ability to grab the worthwhile from wherever I find it.

Before I get into why I think preppers and DIY’ers of all stripes can use gaffer tape let me explain what it is so you won’t think it is just high priced duct tape.

Gaffer tape is a coated cloth tape that is designed to be non-reflective, easy to rip, and adhere to most surfaces and remove without leaving adhesive residue.

The easy to remove nature of gaffer tape is the main reason I like having a roll sitting in my tool bag.  I often need to tape something up to hold it temporarily before I fasten it more permanently.

Just the other day I needed to tape together a bunch of hydraulic lines so I could cram them into a plastic bag so they would shed water while I waited on a part – I don’t need sticky residue all over my lines, and I needed to be able to tear the lines free without getting near the expensive hoses with a knife.

Gaffer tape was a perfect solution.

The Hardy Barbarian brand of tape is a good product and is $10 or so cheaper than many other brands of gaffer tape.

I hate that it costs more than duct tape, but the specifications for gaffer tape is much higher and it is a specialty item so it will always cost more, but sometimes the right tool for the job makes the expense worth it.


I did receive this tape in exchange for an honest review.

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