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Protecting the Gift

Book Review: Protecting the Gift

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Protecting the Gift is a great companion book to DeBecker’s first book The Gift of Fear. This book takes those concepts and applies them to raising a secure child that can operate safely in today’s world.

I did not have a child the first time I read this, and did not see as much value in it as I did when reading it AFTER I became a parent. Of course, from this side of the line I see that there is a huge change in attitude after becoming a parent.

This book is not a parenting guide, but it does give some useful tips, information, and discussion points for deciding how best to raise a child in today’s world.

This book is full of entertaining, but relevant and informative anecdotes that showcase the concepts in actual life.

I think that this is a great book to read, and recommend it to anyone that is concerned with raising a well adjusted, smart, and aware child in today’s world.

I use these concepts in raising my son, and believe in the concepts presented this book just as I use the ideas presented in the Gift of Fear in protecting my own life.

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