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PSKOOK FireCord Review



You may remember the post last week where WT and I tried a fire by friction bow for the first time.  Well, my inexperience made me fail, even though I easily got a good strong ember – and while I plan on practicing more, I have a few other items from the same company PSKOOK.  Most of their items relate to paracord and outdoor gear and I wanted to try a few paracord items that contained inner firecord.  In the video I show a paracord winder, a roll of firecord, and a fire starting necklace.

Paracord Winder

paracord winder

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The paracord winder came in a 5 pack for $6.80, each one holds up to 100 feet 550 paracordThe ladder paracord winder is the simplest and most practical way to organize paracord, I consider it a must-have for outdoors organization.

I used a larger set up that was designed for extension cords to keep some electric fence wire organized when I salvaged it from my in-law’s farm.

If you don’t want to spend the money, you could always cut a length of plywood and make your own paracord winder, but frankly, for around a dollar per 100 feet, I think this is the easier way to go.




Parachute Fire Cord

parachute fire cord

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This para cord costs the same as regular paracord, but it contains much more.  Not only does it contain the inner strands like traditional paracord, but it has a strand of fishing line(40lb) and a strand of red waterproof flax fire tinder. 

In the video above you can see how quickly it lights and how stongly it burns with just a touch from a lighter.  The flax tinder is waterproof, in wet weather, rain, or even drop in water, you can make fire with your fire flint

This brand of cord is not stiff, even with the firecord it is flexible as normal paracord.

This is very good for DIY projects. You can make any paracord stuff by our new survival paracord, I’ve made paracord braclets before, and was planning on making a sling for my boy’s cricket rifle – adding fishing line and tinder to his sling really ups the survival value.

This firecord comes in multiple sizes and colors, and the 100 feet roll we got was $12.80 with prime shipping.

PSKOOK Fire Starter Necklace

fire starter necklace

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This paracord necklace has a small ferrocium rod and a metal striker.  Its a good value at $6.68.  Its useful and decorative.

The necklace contains 43 inch Fire Paracord, and the necklace Length can be adjusted, which means you can cut a little Paracord to make fire if necessary, it still a have a wearable necklace.  I think that if I needed to use this in a survival situation, rather than cut the a piece of the entire cord, I would just pull out the needed amount of waerproof tender and cut that alone.

I had been wanting to buy the überleben Leicht Fire Starter Necklace for some time, it is very similar, but when I saw this one at almost half the price I immediately purchased PSKOOK’s Model.

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