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How to Make an Inexpensive PVC Target Stand

How to Make an Inexpensive PVC Target Stand



How to Make an Inexpensive PVC Target Stand

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The following guide shows how to make a PVC target stand construction should help you make a portable inexpensive option that is easily made at home with common tools.

One of the troublesome aspects of shooting can be finding a place to staple up your targets.

All too often we as shooters compromise a well prepared practice one more session because of a lack of suitable range equipment.

If you have looked into purchasing portable target stands, undoubtedly you have noticed that most equipment sold is either poorly designed or manufactured, awkward to set-up or transport, or expensive.

This makes a great target stand, but I have also used it as a barricade when teaching how to shoot from behind cover.

It works great for this because it cannot stand a lot of leaning and the shooter should learn how to shoot from behind cover without leaning on the object they are hunkered down behind.

PVC Target Stand Construction

Material list: 

  • 5 feet 3/4 inch PVC pipe
  • 4 3/4 PVC “T” fittings
  • PVC pipe glue


  • Miter box with Saw
  • Knife


  • Using miter box and saw, cut PVC pipe into 3 one foot sections, 2 eight inch sections, and 2 four inch sections.  Carefully trim away rough edges on cut sides of pipe.
  • Glue one foot pipe into end of “T” fitting.  On other end of fitting glue one four inch pipe.
  • Repeat once.
  • Take remaining foot long piece of pipe and glue it into the “T” fitting in a 90-degree angle to the first length of pipe.
  • Glue the next section to the other end of the pipe forming a “U”
  • Next, glue an unused “T” fitting to an eight-inch pipe.  Glue a four-inch pipe into the other end of the “T” fitting.
  • Repeat once.
  • Glue each new pipe section into the “U” so as to form an “H”.  Take care so that when gluing the pipes together, when the completed stand is lying on the ground, the second “T” is pointed upwards.

Once the target stand is completed, preparing it for use is simple.  Staple your target to a framework made of wood lathe.  Place the ends of the target into the open “T”.  Once the target is standing in the frame, you are ready shoot.

This is Not the Only Method

There are a lot of ways to make this kind of PVC Target Stand.  The article shows how I made mine.  However, I added a video from another YouTube creator to show an alternative method.

In my book reviews section I actually reviewed two books on PVC projects.  Follow the links and you can get more information on PVC Projects for Outdoorsmen and Volume II More PVC Projects for Outdoorsmen.  Both of these books have a lot of information on making gear out of PVC, things like target stands – and much more.  If you want to get wild, I also have a review for a book on how to make a weaving loom out of PVC.

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