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How to Repair a Blown Out Flip Flop: Don’t Step on a Pop Top


Quick Flip Flop Repair Trick

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If you ever listen to Jimmy Buffet and know about blowing out a flip flop then this post is for you.

I am notorious for ripping the thong out of the sole of flip flops.  While you can press it back in the hole.  Once it is ripped out the flip flop is never the same.

What you need for flip flop repair is some sort of washer.  You need something larger than the hole the thong fit in originally.  It is also helpful if the washer is split so you can snap it right over the thong.

I find that the plastic clips that hold bread bags closed works perfect as a quick flip flop repair.

They are study, free, large enough to keep the thong from pulling through the hole in your flip flop,  However, they are also thin enough so that they aren’t uncomfortable.

You don’t even have to wait for the flip flop repair to be needed.  You can simply snap them on BEFORE you need them so that your flip flops last a long time.

This is a pretty simple tip, and probably something that you already knew about, but I remember the first time I tried it.  It worked well and I had to share.


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