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Recipe: Fried Rabbit Liver

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Growing up I never was a fan of liver, and to tell the truth, I am still not a fan of most liver, but I have started acquiring a taste for fried rabbit liver.  I blame my bride for that.

Normally she is helpful, but not exactly excited with my experiments and attempts to videotape our work at learning how to prep and become more self-reliant.  However, when I started butchering our animals she became more that helpful.  She became quite insistent that whenever I butcher a rabbit I have to fry the liver for her.  If that’s all whe asks for, then I am happy to oblige.

Rabbit livers are larger than chicken livers, but the taste and cooking methods are identical.  However, when you are handling a rabbit liver you need to be aware of two things.  The first is not to burst the green gall bladder that is attached or you will ruin your liver.  The second is that since the liver functions to filter toxins from the blood, it is important to only use healthy looking livers.  If your rabbit has a liver with white spots don’t eat it.

Pan frying them is pretty easy too.  I just rinse the liver off, dredge it in flour mixed with a little salt and pepper, and throw it in a skillet filled with hot oil.  I fry for a couple minutes on one side, then flip to finish cooking.

I am sure there are lots of other ways to cook rabbit liver, but this is easy, and the liver is gone before anything else is done, since my lovely bride thinks this is a treat…


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