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How to Make Cold Smoked Cheese


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After enjoying the sausage, I had to try some Smoked Cheese – when smoking hard cheese you need to ensure the smoke is less than 175 degrees unless you want to pick melted cheese from the bottom of your smoker.

It does not take very much to smoke cheese – a little goes a long way – I like mine at 45 minutes – but the wife likes hers at about an hour.
It is no different functionally than smoking meat – other than the cooler the better, and it does not take very long.

I also find after doing this a couple times I like my smoked cheese to be of a mild sharpness – which is interesting, because if just eating cheese plain I like it to be extra sharp. I think the smoke adds the extra “bite”.

Smoked cheese makes a great gift – it is something that is unique, and that people generally do not buy for themselves.  I love it when I get it as a Christmas present from those that I know.

And for those that love to make comments about the galvanized metal – the food is not on the gavanized sides, and the heat never reaches high enough to burn off the zinc.  That happens at 200 degrees and above- the cheese melts and drips down off the greats at 175 – so I find it okay – if you don’t that’s great go buy a smoker.

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