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Recipe Waffle Iron Chicken

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While messing around on youtube I found the neatest youtube channel from a guy named meatmangary.

He had a couple of cool videos that I took and modified to try something new.

Basically the Meat Man cooked a cheeseburger using his waffle iron – since I had played with my waffle iron to make hashbrowns. I wanted to try this, however, since Gary had already done the cheeseburger I wanted to try something new.

What came to my mind was Chicken and Waffles…

This is my attempt at Waffle Iron Chicken

Would cooking ground chicken on the waffle iron and eating with syrup and waffle taste as good as it sounds.

Simple answer – yes…

What is important is to well oil the waffle iron, be patient and let it cook through before opening, and to make sure you don’t over-cook the chicken.

My wife liked this recipe and told me it’s something to make again – besides that – it is easy and doesn’t need a lot of cleanup.

This is an awesome recipe.  I loved it, it was simple, and it was cool.  Of course what I think cool is not what most would think was cool.

Chicken and Waffles…..

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