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How to Tie a Square Knot (AKA Reef Knot)

How to Tie a Square Knot
Knots: Reef Knot (AKA Square Knot)

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The Square Knot is one of the most well known knots. It is easy to tie and is useful for low strain ties.

While most people call this knot a square knot, in actuality the knot is names the reef knot.

The knot is popular among sailors, climbers, and gift wrappers for its convenience and ease of tying.

It is one of the simplest knots available, yet the square knot proves strong enough for most applications.

Easy to Tie and Untie

What I like best about it is, that if you grab one rope ends that are not under strain, and pull it back toward the knot, a properly tied square knot will untie itself.

Unfortunately, this makes it unreliable for climbing.

Reef Knot

Reef Knot

Tying the Reef Knot:

  1. Take two ropes and lay the right-hand rope over the other.
  2. Wrap the right-hand rope under the left-hand rope.
  3. Bring the right-hand rope back over the left-hand rope.
  4. Next, pull the original right-hand rope over the other rope.
  5. Pull the original right-hand rope under the other rope.
  6. Finally, pull on both ends firmly to tighten.

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