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Hard Shoot Target Review

Gear Review: Hard Shoot Target

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The kind folks at Clarksville Guns and Archery have kindly donated this Hard Shoot Target for demonstration purposes.  This is a unique target as it is a photo, with dye packs instead of scoring lines.  You can hit this target over and over, but you are not successful until you hit the dye.

I think this is a really good idea, and quite useful on a training range, however, the dye is very thick, and if you are not careful it can make a mess.

Because of this some ranges do not allow the use of hard shot targets, which is a shame, because I feel that when used properly, they make wonderful training tools – as they teach to shoot until you get a stop – watch the background for innocents (their are several innocent bystanders printed on the various targets), and to make situationally appropriate shots.

It was pretty fun shooting this target, and the realism is pretty good for a static target.  I am sure the argument could be made that the dye packs and the photographic targets without obvious scoring rings, and bystanders in the background make this a very effective training target.

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