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Improve Your Security On The Water

Improve Your Security On The Water

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If you want to enhance your security on the water, you need to be realistic about the boat.  They are not very secure, are targets for thieves, and not always well secured, but that does not mean you cannot improve your security on the water.


  • Lock anything valuable out of sight in a strong locker secured by a strong padlock;
  • Lock up emergency money away from other valuables;
  • Keep your curtains closed so that no-one can look in;
  • Keep unused ropes, fenders and other items out of sight in your cockpit, lockers and cupboards -and always lock them;
  • Make sure that your life raft and outboard motor are secure, as these are valuable and attractive to boat thieves.
  • When you go ashore from a dinghy, always remove your oars or paddles, rowlocks or pump, and secure the dinghy with a strong chain and padlock.
  • If you are the victim of boat theft, call the police immediately and tell the harbormaster or boat yard manager. Check to make sure that your boat is still seaworthy and hasn’t been badly damaged.
  • If you can, check that neighboring boats haven’t been broken into as well.
  • Get to know other boat owners in your marina and work together to keep the marina secure.

You can do the following.

  • Keep an eye on other boats, as well as your own.
  • Report any strangers at the marina to the harbormaster or yardmaster.
  • Don’t give your marina access card or key to other people.
  • Never tell anyone else the access code to the marina.
  • Don’t let strangers into the marina, however genuine they may seem.
  • Keep the marina gate closed at all times.

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